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One of the most bustling segments within the sprinkler industry involves the construction of warehouse and distribution projects. The successful execution of these projects is crucial, demanding efficient management to meet tight deadlines and keep the project on course. A&F Sprinklers specialises in providing solutions for intricate engineering projects involving water and foam products, including installations for warehouse and distribution sprinkler systems.

In recent years, A&F has proudly undertaken projects that necessitated the expertise of our engineers to design and install automatic sprinkler systems in some of the UK's largest distribution centers for prestigious blue-chip clients. With in-house capabilities for design, project management, and pipe support manufacturing, A&F can swiftly respond to the demands of today's fast-track construction programmes. Collaborating closely with major construction companies in the UK, we consistently deliver "mega sheds" on schedule and within budget, fostering enduring relationships with these key contractors.

Our proficiency in designing and overseeing sprinkler installations for these expansive distribution projects offers reassurance to clients and main contractors alike. A&F Sprinklers has established a track record of success over many years, demonstrating our commitment to becoming an integral part of project teams and contributing to their successful delivery.

Remaining at the forefront of technological advancements, A&F Sprinklers employs state-of-the-art computer software for designing and conducting hydraulic calculations of systems. Recognising the evolving needs in the construction industry, we have invested in 3D design software to meet recent requirements. Additionally, we utilise the latest editions of AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, and FHC, ensuring that our practices align with cutting-edge industry standards.


A&F Sprinklers collaborates with some of the most prominent high street and online retailers in the UK. The emergence of online retail has introduced new challenges in safeguarding both life and goods. Retailers continually devise innovative methods for storing and distributing products. Consequently, sprinkler and fire regulations have undergone adjustments to keep pace. Throughout this period of evolution, A&F has been at the forefront, installing sprinklers in these facilities, utilising diverse European and American design codes, providing us with a competitive advantage in this domain.

The dynamic nature of these modern structures allows them to adapt over time. The expansion of floor space and building volume requires a sprinkler system that can grow and adapt accordingly. A&F offers comprehensive services in system design, extension, and ongoing maintenance in the retail sector—from the initial concept to project completion and beyond.

When installing sprinkler systems for high-street retailers, unique challenges arise. Often, the work involves modifying and extending existing structures, sometimes during unconventional hours and in close proximity to the public. Despite tight project schedules, our Multi-Works Department specialises in efficiently handling contracts of varying sizes simultaneously, maintaining consistently high standards of work and finishing.


The increasing construction of residential apartment buildings and care homes has brought a heightened focus on ensuring effective fire protection for these structures. A&F Sprinklers, equipped with a dedicated team of design, installation, and contract management engineers, stands ready to provide clients with the meticulous attention their projects warrant.

Our team is proficient in developing systems that adhere to the latest standards outlined in BS9251:2014. We use fully approved equipment for installations, ensuring compliance and seamless coordination with other services to meet the most demanding project requirements. Whether it's a single-story care home or a multi-level apartment building, entrust your safety to us, and we will ensure you are comprehensively protected.


Since the UK Government's 2007 mandate to install sprinklers in all new schools, A&F Sprinklers has been actively involved in the design and installation of numerous expanded and reconstructed educational facilities across the country. The imperative for sprinkler systems in schools is underscored by compelling statistics. It's estimated that each year in the UK there are on average over 1,500 fires in schools and other educational establishments. It's also reckoned that school fires disrupt the education of up to 90,000 pupils each year.

Each instance where a sprinkler system effectively controls or extinguishes a fire, preventing casualties and preserving school days, is a testament to the invaluable role of sprinklers. A&F Sprinklers has a track record of successful implementation of sprinkler fire stops in various educational facilities nationwide, ensuring the preservation of young lives and safeguarding precious education time by preventing irreparable damage to schools.

Our team at A&F Sprinklers extends technical and contractual support to our clients' design and build teams. By collaborating, we strive to create a secure environment for young people throughout the UK, ensuring they have a safe and uninterrupted space for learning and development.


With the increasing construction of high-rise commercial and residential structures, the imperative for designing and installing fire protection and sprinkler systems becomes essential for effective water distribution in firefighting efforts. The destructive impact of fires on buildings and their occupants poses significant financial, economic, and environmental challenges.

Implementing a sprinkler system provides a continuous 24-7-365 automatic fire detection mechanism, contributing to safeguarding the building and its contents.

A&F Sprinklers specialises in providing design and installation services for both dry and wet riser systems, adhering to the latest editions of BS750, BS9990 Standards, and all relevant legal requirements.

“Losses from fires in buildings protected with sprinklers are estimated to be 1/10 of those in unprotected buildings.”

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