How do sprinklers work?

The areas of a building that require protection are covered by a grid of pipes with sprinkler heads at regular intervals. The pipes are filled with water and when the sprinkler head reaches a certain temperature it bursts open and sprays water on the fire. Only the sprinklers over the fire will open, limiting damage to areas it hasn’t reached and reducing the amount of water needed to put it out. At the same time water will flow into a separate pipe, causing a bell to ring. The flow of water through a sprinkler system is calculated to take account of the size and construction of the building, the goods stored in it and its use.

What about water damage?

Smoke damage can cause extensive damage following a fire and is often the main cause of death or injury. Sprinklers combat the risk of harm from smoke by washing larger particles out of smoke, reducing its density and toxicity and cooling it as it does so. By attacking a fire earlier in its growth, quick response sprinklers dramatically reduce the amount of smoke it can produce.

How much do they cost?

It varies depending on what your building is made of, what you store in it, what you use it for and how good your water supply is.

Will all sprinkler heads be activated?

Only the sprinkler heads in the immediate vicinity of the fire will be activated. Each head will only be activated when it reaches the temperature it is designed to activate at. In fact, in residential properties, most fires are extinguished with no more than two heads operating.

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How do sprinklers protect people?

In a large fast-moving fire, people often panic, don’t know how to exit a building and may not be able to use hose reels or fire extinguishers. In contrast, sprinklers respond automatically and autonomously and can prevent heat and smoke from trapping people. Other than where an explosion has occurred, there have never been multiple fatalities in a fully sprinklered building in the UK.

How reliable are they?

Sprinklers are extremely reliable. Most have no moving parts that could fail and as long as there’s water in the system’s pipes (they’re engineered to be pumped from dependable sources) it will work.

Aren’t they obvious and ugly?

No. Modern sprinklers are designed to meet the aesthetic needs of prestige buildings including offices, hotels and public buildings and are extremely discreet. Miniature sprinklers can be fitted with ceiling rosettes and painted to match any colour scheme. Concealed sprinklers are recessed and covered by a flat plate flush with the ceiling.

What about false alarms?

Due to the nature of how sprinkler heads are activated, the system will only activate when there is a real fire.

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