Besides A & F’s commercial, retail and residential capabilities, we specialise in the design and installation of fire protection and automatic sprinkler systems to all types of building premises across the public and private sectors.

A & F have undertaken specialist projects such as energy from waste plants, power stations, chemical storage vessels and high hazard process plants in accordance with the latest editions of BS EN 12845, NFPA and FM Global Standards.

These systems may involve the necessity of deluge, pre-action (single, double, even triple knock) low – high foam induction/expansion, inert gas or even automatic water cannons depending on the risk involved, which again is well within our range of expertise. We can offer advice within all of these areas during your planning stage, to ensure that you and your Insurance Company are satisfied with the final design to protect your investment.

We also offer additional services including aftercare and maintenance and a nationwide 24/7/365 emergency call out service, as well as a comprehensive training plan for your team to equip them with the knowledge to monitor and maintain the sprinkler system installed by A & F Sprinklers.

A &F Sprinklers