A &F Sprinklers


A&F Sprinklers work with some of the largest well known high street and internet based retailers in the UK.

The rise of the internet retailers has presented some new challenges when protecting life and commodities, and today, retailers are forever coming up with new ways of storing and distributing goods.

The sprinkler and fire regulations have had to change to keep pace and during which time A&F have been installing sprinklers into these facilities using the different European and American design codes giving us an edge in this field. The nature of these new buildings allows them to evolve over time. Floor space and building volume are now both filled and a sprinkler system is expected to grow and change with it. From conception to handover and beyond A&F offer all aspects of system design, extension and aftercare in the retail sector.

Installing sprinkler systems for the high-street retailers presents a different set of challenges. Often we are working within existing buildings extending and modifying sprinkler systems, sometimes at unsociable hours and with the public never far away. The project lead times are small and the programmes quick but still a high standard of work and finish is required. Our Multi Works Department deal with such contracts and specialise in delivering projects of differing sizes all at similar times.

For advice and a free competitive quotation please contact us by telephone on 0845 505 1550 or email your enquiry to info@afsprinklers.co.uk.