A &F Sprinklers


Since the UK Government announced a policy of installing sprinklers into all new schools in 2007, A & F Sprinklers have carried out the design and installation of a large number of newly extended and rebuilt educational facilities across the UK.

The need for sprinklers in schools is backed up by statistics. According to research by the Chief Fire Officers Association there were 5132 fires in educational buildings in the UK between 2003/04 and 2013/14.

Each time a sprinkler system controls or extinguishes a fire with no recorded casualties and no lost school days is a time that the fire brigade and school were thankful for the presence of sprinklers.

Over the years, A & F Sprinklers have had a number of successful sprinkler fire stops to a number of educational facilities around the UK, ensuring young people do not lose, most importantly their lives, as well as valuable education time due to fires damaging their school beyond repair.

The A & F Sprinklers team offer technical and contractual support to our clients’ design and build teams so together, we can give young people throughout UK a safe environment to work in.

For advice and a free competitive quotation please contact us by telephone on 0845 505 1550 or email your enquiry to info@afsprinklers.co.uk.