New Five Year Deal with Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels Logo
Friday 6, March 2020

A&F Sprinklers Ltd are proud to announce another service and maintenance renewal with Hilton Hotels for a 5 year term.

Amongst strong competition Hilton Hotels chose to renew with A&F Sprinklers for their leading and innovative efficiencies, bespoke system reporting packages tailored to suit the client along with our pro-active approach to routine service and maintenance of which has been developed by A&F investing into its own in-house capabilities.

Hilton Hotels – Senior Director of Maintenance Systems (Europe), told our Service Operations Director and Managing Director in person, the great news.

During the process we have extended our scope and have developed our cloud based maintenance operations software to suit the client and all of their needs, our entire management and service operations team are very proud to be working alongside this worldwide, blue-chip brand for a further 5 years.

If you are interested on how A&F Sprinklers can assist you and provide our services to your sprinklers system and build a service package specifically for your system’s needs – please contact our Service Sales Team –