A & F Sprinklers deliver at Sainsbury’s Daventry

Sainsburys Daventry
Tuesday 24, January 2017

A & F Sprinklers deliver at Sainsbury’s Daventry

Location: Sainsbury’s, Daventry

About Sainsbury’s

Founded in 1869 by John James and Mary Ann Sainsbury, Sainsbury’s has grown to become one of the UK’s largest retailers. It operates over 1,200 supermarkets and convenience stores and an online grocery and general merchandise operation.

The Challenge

In 2013 Sainsbury’s decided to go ahead with plans to invest in a new distribution centre in Daventry. The warehouse would be one of the largest built in the UK in recent years so Sainsbury’s knew it needed the best protection from fire possible.

The Solution

The warehouse’s construction was undertaken by Volker Fitzpatrick Construction with low bay pallet racking and high bay automated systems provided by SSI Schaefer UK Ltd and sprinkler design and installation by specialists A & F Sprinklers.

Technical highlights:

  • 4,650 heads at roof level in the low bay
  • 6,120 heads at roof level in the high bay
  • 21,500 heads in the low bay racks
  • 70,500 heads in the high bay racks
  • 1,100 heads below mezzanine floors
  • 500 heads in offices

All sprinklers are fed by 88 installation control valves designed by A & F Sprinklers in accordance with BS EN 12845:2009 standards.

The water supply to the sprinkler protection comprises three half duty diesel engine driven firepumps drawing water from two 800,000 litre water storage tanks, feeding into an underground 355mm diameter HPPE sprinkler feed main.

The site has been supplied with an external HPPE underground fire hydrant main by A & F Sprinklers comprising 1,700 metres of main fed by twin diesel engine driven firepumps drawing water from twin hydrant water storage tanks.

The Benefits

The new distribution centre at Daventry has a combined floor area of 86,588 square metres and comprises a low bay 18 metre high warehouse, high bay 30 metre high warehouse and three storey office block and has enabled Sainsbury’s to respond to growing demand for its products, especially from online channels.

The premises, stock and employees are all robustly protected by a market leading sprinkler system designed and installed by A & F Sprinkler which also meets the requirements of Sainsbury’s property insurers and gives Sainsbury’s executive team peace of mind that the investment in Daventry is protected from the financial and logistical consequences an uncontrolled fire at the premises would have.

A & F Sprinklers Ltd are ISO 9001 and LPC Level 4 certified, Accredited Contractors under the Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS), members of the CSCS Certification Skills certification Scheme, holders of the Employer of Excellence award, are an Exor Accredited Company and are also members of the Sprinkler Industries Trade Association BAFSA.

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