A Domestic (Compensatory) Sprinkler Protection to Large Private Dwelling

Wednesday 25, April 2018

A Domestic (Compensatory) Sprinkler Protection to Large Private Dwelling

Built upon land previously occupied by an old property on the banks of Lake Windermere “Dovewood” will be the home of a very lucky family.

Dovewood has taken 18 months to build and features an indoor / outdoor Swimming Pool, 7 bedrooms, a Wine Cellar, Media Room and stunning un-impeded views of Lake Windermere from the rear of the property.

The rear garden space will eventually feature its own ‘beach’ and boat jetty on the banks of Lake Windermere. (The original plot of land was sold for a reported 2.6 million pounds).

Domestic Fire Sprinklers

Domestic Fire Sprinklers

The Challenge & Solution

To engineer a domestic compensatory feature sprinkler system that aids safe passage from the properties 1st and 2nd floors to outside and complies with BS9251:2015

The sprinkler water supplies are from a shared boosted cold water system by Grundfos pumps which works in tandem with a Grifen Fire controlled priority valve giving all the houses supplied water to the sprinklers in the event of a fire.

All supplied sprinkler heads were the concealed type fed from Aquatherm Red pipe and fittings only the second such install by A&F.

The installation work was extremely difficult and involved installing sprinkler pipework’s through ducted tunnels below the house. The ceiling voids were very shallow and compacted with other services. The system only featured 12 sprinkler heads however these and the domestic valveset took 2 weeks to install…

The commissioning of the system took place sometime after the completion of first and second fix installation and involved 4 different parties over three separate days to ensure the fire alarms, priority valve and booster pump set were all working together correctly.

The Benefits

The private client has a safer means of escape thanks to Domestic Sprinklers.

A&F Sprinklers also provide a rolling maintenance and inspection programme, training for employees and 24 hour call out service for our clients complete peace of mind.

A&F Sprinklers Ltd are ISO 9001 and LPC Level 4 certified, Accredited Contractors under the Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS), members of the CSCS Certification Skills Certification Scheme, holders of the Employer of Excellence award, are an Exor Accredited Company and are also members of the Sprinkler Industries Trade Association BAFSA.

Architect: Cassidy Ashton Ltd

Builder: Conlon Construction Ltd


Dove Wood
Storrs Park