Achilles Certification

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Tuesday 6, February 2018

We are pleased to announce that A&F sprinklers have successfully achieved the Achilles Certification (BuildingConfidence) standard.

Achilles specialise in procurement and supply chain risk management services, they have a proven track record and boast some of world’s largest companies within their community’s worldwide, accreditation as a supplier within their BuildingConfidence community is not a simple task, with the acceptance bar set at a very high level of compliance.

In achieving this A&F completed a thorough pre-qualification questionnaire including information of our supply chain management, quality management system, corporate social responsibility, carbon management, building information modelling and health, safety & environmental management systems after which successful membership was obtained, we were then subject to a rigorous two-day onsite audit where company policies and documents were scrutinised along with our health, safety and environmental records (in other words checking to see if we do what we say we do) and again we were found to be compliant.

Great work by the whole team.

Achilles Certificate of Membership

Achilles Certificate of Audit