4 New Genie GS 4390’s Added to Our Fleet

Genie 4390
Friday 22, June 2018

After waiting 9-12 months our 4 new Genie GS 4390 All Terrain Scissors have arrived from Workplatform Ltd, they all are LPG Gas Powered and have Non-Marking Rough Terrain foam filled tyres fitted, and also a Pipe Rack which is rated to 350KG SWL.

These will be added to our industry leading fleet of 10 off Genie 5390 LPG Gas Scissors and also 5 off 2.5T LPG Gas Counterbalance Forklift Trucks which again are all fitted with Non Marking Rough Terrain foam filled tyres.

These new Genie 4390’s have extendable Double Decks, and have a platform height of 13.11m and an overall working height of 15.11m.

These new Genie 4390 Scissors will be able to DRIVE AT FULL WORKING HEIGHT of 15.11m, unlike our 5390 Scissors, (our 5390’s drive at height up to 8m, then the outriggers have to be lowered which lifts the machine wheels off the floor, then the 5390 can achieve full working height of 18.15m). This ability to DRIVE AT FULL WORKING HEIGHT is perfect for lower warehouse roof installs and also 1st and 2nd fix of pipework and bracketry in freezer areas etc.

Gas powered – to dramatically reduce harmful Diesel particles and Carbon monoxide from our working environment. Non marking tyres – to ensure that we don’t mark or damage the customers floors, whilst avoiding unsightly and expensive tyre covers. Own managed equipment with full factory back-up – to ensure that our kit is available and maintained to the highest standards, to ensure; availability, efficiency and reduce break downs. Trackers – to monitor location and usage, fighting against, theft, inadvertent use and ensuring good utilisation.